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Downloadable Forms with Instructions

EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS: The following forms can be downloaded, completed, emailed with your payment for the IFGA. The email address is [email protected].

USPS INSTRUCTIONS: Download the forms, complete, print, sign and mail with your payment for IFGA. The mailing address is GLM Registry, 19508 Tiller Trail Hwy, Days Creek, OR 97429

ALL Photos must be pre-approved
by GLM Registry

Contact GLM Registry for Instructions.
541-825-8580  or  [email protected]

Downloading the forms with Internet Explorer:

  1. Right click on the filename and select 'Save Target As'
  2. Indicate where you want the file downloaded

You can then fill out the form on your computer, print it out and mail it in. Please double check your applications before sending them in to make sure there are no blanks left and that you checked all the appropriate boxes.

IFGA Brochure Printing Instructions

  1. Open “Outside IFGA Brochure” document. Hit the printer icon on your toolbar. You will get an error message saying “The margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page. Do you want to continue?” Click on Yes.
  2. Flip the printed “Outside IFGA Brochure” page over and put it back into the paper feed source for the printer to print the “Inside IFGA Brochure” page.
  3. Close “Outside IFGA Brochure” document.
  4. Now open the document “Inside IFGA Brochure”, and follow the same instructions in Step 1. If you were correct in how you flipped the page to be printed on the other side, your brochure should be ready to fold into thirds!

For more information about PDF files and how to obtain the Acrobat Reader for free visit the Adobe Website.

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