The Fainting Goat

We hold our values and guidelines to the highest standard in order to maintain the quality of this wonderful breed of goat. The IFGA requires a photo of your fainting goat in the down position in order to register your goat with our organization. The animal must also meet breed standards as explained in our registration guidelines on our web site. We strive to keep this American breed of goat as pure as we possibly can, therefore we are truly making an effort to preserve and protect the breed.

At this time the fainting goat is on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Conservation list; officially declaring the fainting goat a rare breed and placing them on their "watch" list. There is thought to be around ten thousand of these goats in the world. Over the last twenty years the fainting goat's numbers have increased partially due to the efforts of the IFGA members.

Our Vision

The IFGA intends to continue to promote the fainting goat. Our goals include sanctioning goat shows, building our membership numbers, as well as providing exceptional service to our members. The fainting goat is, and has been, our number one priority since 1989 when our organization was founded. The Board of Directors are currently entering thousands of registrations into our new computerized data base. This data base will house the valued lineage and pedigree of fainting goats dating back to the beginning of our organization. We are proud to have this information available to share with our members and will keep working on this project until the effort is completed. It's a huge undertaking, but we recognize its' value to our membership and the fainting goat.

By taking these important steps we feel our mission to promote, protect and preserve the fainting goat will be met. We invite you to join us as we move forward.

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